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When Seconds Count The Rapid Diver Scuba System Is The Answer

Rapid Diver

        The Rapid Diver is a fast donning, lightweight, all inclusive scuba system that mates a tank, regulator and buoyancy module to a universal fit, load bearing harness. The Rapid Diver can be stored in a small space, donned in seconds and worn in situations such as a helicopter, boat or other emergency vehicle where conventional scuba gear is impractical. Also, the Rapid Diver's patented load bearing harness allows you to add a back mounted standard scuba cylinder up to 80 cu. ft.

        The Rapid Diver is being used by Military, Law Enforcement and Rescue divers world wide. For a list of agencies currently using the Rapid Diver Scuba System click here: Agency List 

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Rapid Diver rescue

Here is the statistic that every rescue professional should know:

        Statistics provided by FARS and the CDC show that 10,000 vehicles go into the water each year within the US with numerous fatalities.  The leading state for fatalities is Florida followed by California, Louisiana,Idaho, and Indiana.  M
ost drownings occur in 3 ft or less from the surface. 

         If you are in charge of a rescue dive team, equip your divers with a rapid rescue capability and avoid responding to a scene unprepared for water rescue.
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